It’s a story that started with two sisters, Natacha and Vanessa, who share, on top of their DNA, a passion for fashion. This tightly knit duet had set its views, right from the beginning, on creating a dream wardrobe that would boast luxury pieces, without ever compromising on creativity.

Having sharpened their eye collaborating with major fashion designers, this sisterly act threw itself in its first project, the Natacha&Vanessa brand, focusing on leather, calf and sheepskin luxury pieces.

Today, a new adventure is calling, in the form of a project where cashmere, the chicest and most noble fabric of all, will take the centre stage. Named LIM – three letters for three names, those of the two sisters’ offspring -, this brand offers a perfect mix of softness and timeless luxury.

True to their sophisticated, yet rock’n’roll approach to fashion, the sisters have chosen to design luxury pieces in which they have instilled a softly wild touch. It’s elegant yet fun, perfectly cut yet sensual, colorful but graphic at times. Far from the too often deferential treatment reserved to cashmere, LIM has gone on another path that works its magic as soon as you lay a hand on it.